Survival Horror game Allison Road draws inspiration from P.T.

Whether Konami has realized it or not, by putting P.T. out there to promote Silent Hills, they unleashed something special that will not easily be forgotten, even though P.T. is long gone from the PlayStation store. However, perhaps we can fill that void with a little game that has taken inspiration from P.T. called, Allison Road.

The game first started out as a solo project from concept and environment artist Chris Kesler, who’s previous work includes such movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, The Hobbit and Avatar. Kesler first gained inspiration after playing P.T. last year, then two days later he started on Allison Road. Kesler spoke to moviepilot where he went into detail on the specific things that inspired him from P.T. saying;

“I finished the whole thing the same night, and frankly I was quite disturbed after that. I realized two things that night. 1.) My house is scary as hell at night. 2.) You can make an entire short game with only one hallway. Who would have thought? Somehow it never occurred to me that something on such a small scale could totally work, but that night it really clicked.”

P.T. is not the only inspiration behind his game. Visually they are similar, as well as playstyle; with the player being in a single space and not venturing too far from it. But he has also drawn inspiration for the story from the infamous Amityville murders which occurred in 1974, where Ronnie DeFeo Jr. murdered his parents and siblings while they all slept. The youngest daughter/sister was named Allison, which is where the name of the game comes from.

lilyAllisonRoad“Allison Road takes place in a British suburban terraced house. You play the role of an unnamed protagonist who wakes up one faithful Monday morning without any recollection of what happened beforehand. Your mouth is stale, your head is pounding, and every beam of light pierces your eyes like a thousand needles. While trying to piece yourself back together throughout the day, you realize that you have a wife and daughter that lives with you, but their whereabouts are unknown. All you want to do at this point is sleep off that hangover. Tomorrow will be a new day, after all.

It’s in the middle of the night when you are rudely woken up by a loud noise, followed by a scream. You witness a merciless fight of the couple living upstairs, that culminates in the murder of the girl. From this point onward the clock is ticking, and you have until 3:15 AM to solve the girl’s horrid murder, as her demise is eternally linked to your downfall.”

While Allison Road started out as a solo project for Kesler, he now has a small team of two programmers, musician, sound designer and an animator. Kesler has teased images and even a few videos of his progress on the game, one being “Lilly” who comes across as looking both terrifying and tragic at the same time. Of course the realism in the environment and textures of the house is equally impressive.

Allison Road is set to release sometime in 2016 on the PC. The game will also support the Oculus Rift, which will make the game even more terrifying I’m sure. They also wish to release the game on consoles as well. If so, perhaps this can fill the void over on the PlayStation 4 that has been left by P.T.

Be sure to follow the Allison Road facebook page to keep up to date as the project progresses.


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