Star Wars: The Old Republic Reveals Next Major Story Arc

Bioware has announced the next expansion of their cinematic storytelling MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic titled; Knights of the Fallen Empire. Knights of the Fallen Empire marks a renewed focus on BioWare-style cinematic storytelling in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Your character will become the Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War who comes face-to-face with a new threat to the galaxy: the Emperor of the Eternal Throne.

Along with a new level cap of 65, players will have the option to create a brand new level 60 character to jump right into the new story content. Nine chapters to the new story will be available October 27th. Players who sustain their subscription from now until the release date will receive a plethora of in-game goodies that are listened in their website post here.


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Ray C.
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  • Raven

    I am so excited for this. I just cancelled my subscription because I hadn’t been logging in lately, what with the baby taking up so much of my time. Guess I better just go set it back up.

    • This will most likely bring me back to the game. I love the drive behind it and most of all it’s free, so this is also a huge bonus. I hope it will bring in more players, but that might be hoping for to much lol.