Xenomorph on full display in Official Trailer for Alien: Covenant 

20th Century Fox has released the official trailer to the upcoming Ridley Scott prequel to Alien, Alien: Covenant. The movie follows the crew of the Covenant who have been sent to a remote planet for colonization. As the crew steps foot on the planet, some realize that it’s all too quiet and unsettling.

In the trailer, we see the crew happen upon the “Engineer” ship we can only presume is the one we last saw protagonist Elizabeth Shaw flying away in at the end of Prometheus. As to her exact fate, it still remains a mystery. The new trailer brings back familiar things from Alien, such as the Xenomorph eggs and the iconic facehugger. We also see a similar looking Xenomorph from Prometheus, but instead of black, the “neomorph” is a white color.

While this trailer is much more interesting than the teaser and tries to channel classic Alien and new Alien, perhaps they went a little too Xenomorph happy, leaving little to the imagination. Alien: Covenant is set to release May 19th, 2017.


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Alice Lee
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