Netflix Release Teaser for their Live-Action of Death Note 

Netflix has dropped the first teaser trailer for their live-action adaptation of the popular anime and manga series, Death Note. While the teaser doesn’t show much in the way of story, we do get a glimpse into a very Americanized look and feel of the Japanese series, which has already had numerous live-action adaptations in Japan.

The Netflix original movie is set to release this August and stars Nat Wolff as Light Turner, a teenager who discovers a supernatural notebook called a ‘Death Note’ that can kill anyone who’s name is written within the pages. With this new found power, Light turns vigilante and starts using the notebook to kill off criminals. However, Light discovers very early on that this new found notebook belongs to a demon named Ryuk, voiced by Willem Dafoe. It’s unclear with how close the movie will stick to it’s original source martial, but judging from the trailer, they’re taking a very western approach to things.

While you wait for the movies release, it would be a good time to catch up on the Anime or check out the live-action movies and TV show that have been released.


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