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By Ray C., January 30, 2017 0 Articles

As gaming studios get more and more comfortable squeezing every last cent out of consumers, we all get more and more frustrated. We tend to preemptively see patterns in practices in video games coming out that concern us instinctively now,… Read More »

By Alice Lee, May 7, 2016 0 Articles

What’s wrong with Ghostbusters? It’s been no secret that a remake or new sequel for Ghostbusters has been in the works, so when the rumor mill started a few years ago as to what the story might be, people started… Read More »

By Alice Lee, April 14, 2016 0 Articles, Movies, News

Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures have released the first image of Scarlett Johansson as Major Kusanagi from their live-action adaptation of the anime and manga series, Ghost in the Shell. Originally created by Masamune Shirow, it has become a cyberpunk classic. Production… Read More »

By Ray C., September 11, 2015 0 Articles, News, Video Games

When you take all of the different renditions and creative directions the Super Mario Bros. franchise has taken over the past thirty years into consideration, it was only a matter of time before a game like Super Mario Maker would… Read More »

By Alice Lee, July 13, 2015 0 Articles, Trailers

Just yesterday, the trailer to the upcoming Suicide Squad “leaked” online during San Diego Comic-Con. The upload of the video was not horrible quality, but certain images couldn’t be seen clearly and the sound quality was not up to par,… Read More »

By Alice Lee, April 18, 2015 0 Articles, News, Video Games

Ever since Bioware announced that Mass Effect would be returning with a new main character and crew, gamers have been eager for any news to come out for the next installment of the series. Especially since Bioware has given little… Read More »

By Ray C., April 17, 2015 0 Articles, Trailers

This trailer analysis is based off of my own thoughts regarding all of what is still considered canon in the Star Wars universe. I do not consider any rumors or conjecture about what is seen in this trailer, only what… Read More »

By Alice Lee, March 23, 2015 0 Articles

When a teaser was first released for iZombie, my interests were peaked. As time went on however, it was apparent that the show was taking liberties with the original comic material created by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred from Vertigo…. Read More »

By Ray C., March 16, 2015 0 Articles

The 1994 cult classic known as DESCENT was a marvel for it’s six degrees of movement, high speed combat and it’s  sci-fi elements of corporate corruption and rogue drone A.I. As a child this was one of the first games… Read More »

By Ray C., November 29, 2014 0 Articles, Trailers

After an extended period of time waiting for the next Star Wars movie to happen (Some people have waited far longer than others) the teaser trailer was finally released this week, giving way to a wave of emotion ranging from… Read More »