Costume Quest Review

8 Overall Score
Story : 7/10
Graphics : 7/10
Gameplay: 8/10

Imaginative costumes | Dialog | Great game for Halloween | Characters

A little to short | Longer Story

115100_screenshots_2014-03-15_00001Costume Quest has something very nostalgic about it. Of course there is trick ‘r treating, costumes and more but what makes it feel like a blast from the past is that it’s something I feel like could have been on TV in my youth around October as a Halloween special. Developed by Double Fine Productions, this cartoon styled game places players in a small town on Halloween night where mischief and magic seem to be taking place. Players have a choice of taking on the roll of Wren or Reynold. Two fraternal twins who are new to the neighborhood and who’s mother would like them to venture out and explore while trick ‘r treating and make some new friends. Wren seems put off by the idea since shes more focused on scares while Reynold is all about the candy. As the two venture out in their candy corn and robot costume, they ring the doorbell to a house which seems to have monsters inside hunting around for candy. The monster mistakes the sibling dressed up as candy corn as being a real piece of candy and decide to kidnap he or she. It becomes your job to rescue your sibling while mysterious forces are happening around you.


During my play-through, I decided to go with Wren. As soon as her brother is kidnapped, Wren is ready to fight the monster who has taken her brother. You find out that her little robot costume can miraculously transform into something that looks like it’s from the Transformers. This is not the only costume that can transform, there are many others you can pickup around town, some are even given to you such as the knight, which you receive when you meet a boy named Everett who ends up joining you on your quest, along with another later addition, Lucy. Once you start a battle, the game uses turn base style combat with quick time events to keep the action going . Each costume also has something special to it once they are fully charged. Some even aiding you in battle. For instance, the robot can shoot missiles while the Knight can use a shield to protect yourself or your friends. There are other costumes that heal and even shoot flames. Some costumes even give you little abilities outside of battle such as roller skates, which lets you zoom around. Some even let you sneak past monsters.


Other features in the game include a small stand you see around certain parts of town run by a girl named Sadie. It’s here that you can use your candy that you have collected from around town and trick r’ treating which is used as currency to buy Battle Stamps. These little stamps allow you to have certain perks in battle and are also fun to collect if you save up enough candy from all the trick ‘r treating you do or find around town.

Battles are not the only thing this game has to offer although it is a main feature. You can do little mini games such as bobbing for apples that gives you little prizes and  missions around town. Some missions involve Halloween themed trading cards which I have to admit was a little addicting to collect and I made it my goal to collect them all by the end of the game. Even though Costume Quest is rated E I would recommend this game not only to kids but to adults as well who are looking for something charming that gives you a great burst of nostalgia. It’s also just a blast to play for several hours and is very entertaining.



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