Harrow County # 10 Review 

8 Overall Score
Story: 8/10
Writing: 8/10
Style: 9/10

Exploration of side characters | Return of Tyler Crook's art style


Harrow County #10Writen by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Tyler Crook
Cover Art by: Tyler Crook
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Genre: Horror, Fantasy
Price: $3.99
Release date: March 9, 2016

With one of Emmy’s major story arks having come to a close in issue 8, Bunn is taking some time to explore the other inhabitants of Harrow County. In last months one part issue, Bunn explored Emmy’s skinless familiar and his origin story, and this next issue is no different. In this two part issue, Bunn gives readers a look at Bernice, Emmy’s best friend. In previous issues, Bernice has been no stranger to the farm where Emmy lives, but where does Bernice come from? Her surroundings are certainly a lot different from what we have seen so far in Harrow County, and in her small county of Mason Hollow, everyone seems to knows everybody. It’s this reason that Bernice will soon find herself in possible danger.

The comic opens with a young boy named Clinton and his Uncle Early who have been picking blackberries out in the woods near the Hollow. As Clinton discovers a copperhead sleeping in the brush, his uncle Early tries to put a quick end to it but gets bitten in the process. With this being Harrow County, you already know that something bad is going to come out of that snake bite. Clinton instantly notices that his uncle has been acting strange ever since the bite and suspects that a woman who goes by the name of Ol’ Lady Lovey may have something to do with it. As Clinton seeks out the help of Bernice, the two soon find themselves in trouble. Can the two solve this problem on their own? Or will they have to ask for help from Emmy?

This weeks issue was a good page turner since you see the signs of danger ahead and you’re left wanting to know the outcome and how Bernice is going to handle things. Harrow County is proving to have some good mysteries in it, and what you think you might have known from the previous stories might take a good twist.

While the last issue was a good standalone read, with Carla Speed McNeil doing the artwork, issue 10 shines through more with it’s story and the return of Tyler Crook’s artwork which never fails to mix perfectly with Bunn’s storytelling. This two part tale of Bernice looks like it will have some interesting things to come as she deals with Ol’ Lady Lovey.


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