Scream Season 1 Episode 10 Review *SPOILERS*

6 Overall Score
Story: 5/10
Development: 4/10
Acting: 5/10

Final episode was well paced and did not drag

Littered with plot holes | Predictable killer

scream S01EP10Rating: TV-14
Running Time: 45 mins
Genres: Crime, Horror, Mystery
Series creators: Jill E. Blotevogel, Jay Beattie, Dan Dworkin
Stars: Willa Fitzgerald, Bex Taylor-Klaus, John Karna, Carlson Young, Tom Made
Air date: Tuesday nights at 10/9 c on MTV

Last night’s season finale of episode 10 “Revelations” came as close to feeling like Scream than the entire season managed to do. This doesn’t mean that it didn’t suffer from it’s continued problems that the season has had throughout. As the series forced characters our way to suspect and point a finger at as the killer, none of them really held any merit as being such, and didn’t seem to have any motives.

The few characters they did try to pin as the person behind the mask always seemed more like distractions that were meant to make you unaware of what was really going on. Two characters towards the end who fell pray to such plot devices were Mr. Branson and Brooke’s father, who had two plots that never went any further after a certain point. In fact Brooke’s father is never given a concluding story, he’s simply forgotten about in this episode. This is one of the many things the show suffered from. It introduced characters that were meant to be used as a distraction, and this is why it was so easy to figure out early on who was behind the mask.

Were we really all that surprised that the Brandon James killer was none other than reporter Piper Shay? Scream the TV series made it to easy to pinpoint her and place her as the killer since she popped in and out of episodes and really held no reason for being there the majority of the time. While that was a big red flag, what pushed that further was how she fit into the finale. Again, she showed up at the most random times, always seeming to make herself relevant to Emma in some way. The surprising factor of the killers big reveal like in the movies was ultimately not surprising in the show.

killer-episode-108At least the show finally stepped away from feeling like Pretty Little Liars and more of it’s own creation, but that still doesn’t make it any closer to the Scream franchise. While the last episode tried to push itself into suspense, it came a little to late. During the finale, suspense is what we are hoping for, maybe even several of Emma’s remaining friends as casualties. Yes, we did have a few good kills, by good I mean one, which happened to play out quite well and held some relevance, while the other was simply there to send a bunch of people at Brooke’s party into chaos with an extremely PG-13 throat cutting.

The surprising fact here is not who the killer is but how many people were actually left standing by the end of episode 10. All of Emma’s friends survived, making them relevant for the second season including a few supporting characters. In the end, what was it we were supposed to never see coming? The fact that Piper was the obvious killer? Or that Audrey seemed to have been helping her this whole time to make her finally feel like a relevant character?

There was obviously two ghost faces, so someone was helping out Piper all along, but was it really Audrey? Why would Audrey help someone who killed her girlfriend? The plot holes and devices were a little too messy, which managed to add a bit of confusion. Whether it made sense or not, the fact we see Audrey burning letters and notes from Piper leaves more questions that will travel over to the second season. Questions that I’m sure most will be drawn to, leaving them tuning in when Scream the TV Series returns.


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