The Croods Review

9 Overall Score
Animation: 9/10
Story: 8/10
Development: 9/10

Great storytelling | Beautiful environments | Well written Characters

Back and Forth Character Narrative | Heavily Stereotyped Linear Characters


US Release Date: 22 March 2013 Running time: 98 min.
Genres: Animation, Comedy, Adventure
Directors: Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders
Writers: Kirk DeMicco , Chris Sanders, John Cleese
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, Cloris Leachman, Clark Duke

In this animated film from DreamWorks, comes a comedy adventure about a cave man family who are afraid to leave their cave in fear that they will be killed off like their neighbors before them. So they live very cautiously, never venturing outside their cave unless it’s in broad daylight. However, the family’s eldest daughter, Eep (Emma Stone) dares to be adventitious and question everything her father Grug (Nicolas Cage) tells her. When a tragic event destroys their family cave, they must venture out to a world that’s ever changing.

2013 felt a little lackluster when it came to animation. While some animated movies were absolutely beautiful and filled with wonderful colors and textures, their storytelling was very simple or underdeveloped. The Croods is a welcomed surprise though, it had a very smart plot and the writing was anything but simple or watered down, especially for it being a kids movie. When this film was being advertised, It seemed like some silly slapstick comedy which couldn’t be far from what the Croods is really about deep down.

The-Croods-CaveThe Croods had some fantastic animation and beautiful landscapes,  and physics. They were amazing! Dust, fire, the earthquakes and greenery, everything was well done and detailed. It also had some very interesting animals. As the family ventures out into this vast world they have been missing, they meet birds that are turtles,  strange cat like creatures that have owl characteristics and then of course they just have some down right cute animals that children are surly to enjoy.

Not only does the film have some good writing, The Croods also has some good lessons for children and even adults. In an ever changing world that is constantly evolving, sometimes it’s good to accept change and maybe it’s not always good to live in the past or runaway from things that maybe seem frightening at the time. The characters where very likable too, and oddly relatable. This movie has a lot of heart to it, and can possibly bring a few tears to your eyes during it’s emotional moments. The Croods is a movie that kids and adults can enjoy because of the jokes, smart storytelling, and animation. This is one worth checking out.


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